02/10/2012 05:29 EST | Updated 02/10/2012 06:19 EST

Jon Juane: Ottawa Bureaucrat Posts Funny Dancing Video In Hopes Of Getting On ‘The Ellen Show' (VIDEO)

Those who think bureaucrats live dull lives might want to think twice. Jon Juane, a marketing officer with Service Canada, is trying to dance his way onto Ellen DeGeneres’ popular daytime talk show.

The comedian is calling on her viewers to send in “hidden” dance videos and the Canadian public servant hopes his YouTube hit, posted on Wednesday, will make it onto The Ellen Show.

“I'm pretty sure this is what I was destined to do,” Juane wrote in the video’s description. “Thanks Ellen for giving me an opportunity to respond to my calling in life.”

The video shows the bureaucrat – who’s sporting a bright blue and green sweatshirt – grooving to a Michael Jackson classic in Ottawa’s Rideau Canal (which is transforms into a giant skating rink during the winter).

Juane then decides to show some Canadian pride by dancing to a Céline Dion song while everyone around him seems to be oblivious to his moves. He takes things a step further during the final act and dances likes there’s no tomorrow right behind a guard.