02/10/2012 04:42 EST | Updated 04/11/2012 05:12 EDT

China changes course transmission of Canadian television footage of Harper

GUANGZHOU, China - The Chinese government is now allowing Canadian media to transmit footage from the prime minister's final China stop over local networks.

Canadian media outlets had sought to use local facilities to send images of Harper's stop in Chongqing rather than rely on a potentially unstable internet connection.

But a request made to local authorities via Associated Press Television Networks was denied.

No reason was given by the Chinese government for refusing the request, though APTN says it's not uncommon.

But Canadian officials say that decision has now been reversed and media will have the ability to use the airwaves as needed.

No reason was given for why the Chinese changed their minds.

Harper is set to visit the city Saturday to announce the Chinese are lending Canada two pandas.<