02/10/2012 11:59 EST | Updated 03/19/2012 09:46 EDT

Clara Hughes On Doping In Sports: Attention Getter

Clara Hughes is one of Canada's best-loved and well-respected athletes, so when she talks doping in sports, we tend to listen. Besides being one of only five athletes in the world to have medalled in both the Summer and Winter Olympics (cycling in summer, speed skating in winter), she's also an outspoken proponent on the importance of physical activity, particularly for young women.

This week, she was doing a round of interviews for Bell's very worthy 'Let's Talk' campaign about mental illness, but her media tour also happened to coincide with the results of the doping investigation into Alberto Contador's Tour de France title.

In this appearance on George Strombolopolous' show, Hughes demonstrates just why it is we hold her to such high esteem in this country -- the woman responds to the question of her sports' reputation with humour and honesty, addressing the need for concern without pointing any fingers. And if that wasn't Canadian enough for you, then her 'we've dealt with this, so let's get on with it' attitude will be. Thanks for staying classy, Clara, and keeping us proud of what athletes can achieve.