02/11/2012 08:38 EST | Updated 04/12/2012 05:12 EDT

Pascal Morin: Quebec Man Charged With Killing Mother, 2 Nieces

Flickr: [puamelia]

A man has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of his mother and two young nieces in Quebec's Eastern Townships.

Pascal Morin, 35, was charged in a Sherbrooke, Que., court on Saturday afternoon, according to a police spokesperson.

Morin is accused of killing his mother, 70, and her two granddaughters, aged eight and 11, in the town of Saint-Romain, Que., 90 kilometres northeast of Sherbrooke.

He was arrested after police, who were called to a home around 6 p.m. Friday evening, found the three bodies.

The Canadian Press is reporting the victims were shot, but police would not confirm the cause of death and have not identified the victims.

Sgt. Louis-Philippe Ruel said news of the deaths spread quickly in the town of 600.

"Saint-Romain is a pretty small community, so everybody's pretty upset about what happened, and everybody's just making sure that the family's got everything that they need," Ruel said. "They are all there to support them."