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A few facts about the The War of 1812

Some facts about the War of 1812:

WHEN — The war ran from June 18, 1812 to January 1815.

WHY — The United States was angry over the British navy's high-handed practice of snatching alleged deserters off American ships to serve in the Royal Navy. An expansionist faction in the United States believed Canada was ripe for the plucking because Britain was heavily engaged in fighting Napoleon

WHERE — Most of the fighting occurred on the Windsor-Detroit and Niagara frontiers, as well as in the area between Montreal and Lake Ontario.

MAJOR BATTLES — Queenston Heights, Oct. 13, 1812; York (now Toronto), April 27, 1813; Chateauguay, Oct. 26, 1813; Crysler's Farm, Nov. 11, 1813; Lundy's Lane, July 25-26, 1814; Washington, D.C. Aug. 24, 1814; New Orleans, Jan. 8, 1815.

MAJOR FIGURES — Maj.-Gen. Isaac Brock was the British commander in the early months of the war. He was killed at the Queenston Heights repelling an American invasion force. Tecumseh assembled a coalition of natives to fight alongside the British. He was killed at Moraviantown Oct. 5 1813. Charles-Michel de Salaberry led a small force of mainly Quebec militiamen to defeat a much larger American invasion force at the battle of Chateauguay on Oct. 26 1813.

QUOTE — "Push on, brave York Volunteers," last words attributed to Brock.