02/14/2012 11:18 EST | Updated 02/14/2012 11:22 EST

How Many #VaginaBands Can You Name?


No one is content to let Valentine's Day just be Valentine's Day anymore -- there was the early 2000s usurping of the date by the Vagina Monologues, there's some clever folks who came up with National Call In Single Day, and heck -- we're even celebrating UnValentine's Day at The Huffington Post.

But nothing can take on an established tradition like Twitter, which is why this morning's trending topic of #vaginabands was wholly embraced by the tweeting public. It's not exactly original -- band names get hijacked by Twitter trends about once a week -- but in the case of some truly hilarious people, it did lead to some great results.

Vagina might be one of the last remaining words that is taboo to say in public, which is exactly why this meme rose in popularity. People happily swear on TV, stick their middle fingers up, and openly talk about your stool -- they just don't want to refer to covered-up body parts by their anatomical names.

So while this silly, clever and probably a bit offensive Valentine's-inspired wordplay was widespread, it probably won't make anyone more comfortable saying the word vagina in public. But it will, at the very least, never let you look at Hootie and the Blowfish in the same way again.