02/16/2012 04:37 EST | Updated 04/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Demonstrators protesting events in Congo gather in Toronto

TORONTO - A crowd of protesters forced the closure of a downtown Toronto street near the U.S. consulate today.

Dozens of people protesting events in the African country of Congo danced and waved flags in front of the consulate on University Avenue.

Dozens of police officers stood by and watched the crowd, including some on horseback.

Traffic was flowing again before rush hour.

The protesters are calling for the resignation of Congo's President Joseph Kabila.

At one point, some of the protesters began charging the line of police but backed off when the mounted officers appeared.

Kabila's party lost 45 per cent of the legislative seats it held before November elections that were denounced as fraudulent and chaotic, according to belated results announced by Congo's electoral commission earlier this month.

Dozens of people were killed in election-related violence before, during and after the voting.