02/16/2012 08:51 EST | Updated 04/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Health authority in Cape Breton recognized for leading practices

SYDNEY, N.S. - The Cape Breton District Health Authority has been recognized by Accreditation Canada for practices that reduce unnecessary tests and increase organ donation.

One of the practices which was put in place in 2010 encourages doctors to improve their ordering practices for 13 lab and diagnostic-imaging tests.

The authority says in a news release it has led to an overall reduction of 18.5 per cent, or 22,500 fewer tests, annually.

Another policy in place since 2010 has ensured that doctors and nurses check more thoroughly to see if organ and tissue donations are possible.

The check on whether the person has allowed donation has increased the number of donors from just 10 in 2009 to 23 last year.

Another leading practice sees managers take a potential manager under their wing while exposing them to real-time experiences in management.

Six people took part in the project of whom two moved on to management positions and two accepted co-ordinator positions.

Accreditation Canada is a voluntary national program that helps health and community services organizations examine and improve the safety and quality of care and services.

(Cape Breton Post)