02/16/2012 11:28 EST | Updated 04/17/2012 05:12 EDT

Hospital overcrowding easing in Regina, but numbers still not good

REGINA - The crisis may be at an end for now but the problem of overcrowding at Regina hospitals is far from a final solution.

The Regina General Hospital has had only three days in 2012 where they haven't been over capacity.

Michael Redenbach with the health unit added that the Pasqua Hospital has only had 14 days of relief.

Current occupancy levels are between 110 and 118 per cent, which is under the crisis level of 134 per cent hit last month.

Redenbach said the numbers now are not where they want them to be, but they are much better than when the crisis was at its peak.

The health region is focusing on a variety of ways to move people through the system faster.

New management software is one part of the plan.

If they still don’t see a positive impact after making several changes, then they will have to review the system but Redenbach said they are not at that stage yet.