02/16/2012 01:12 EST | Updated 02/16/2012 03:18 EST

Jonathan Genest-Jourdain: NDP MP Faces Criticism After Combing His Hair In The House Of Commons Again (VIDEO)

Looks like the NDP's Jonathan Genest-Jourdain has a sense of humour. Whether it's a good one is for you to decide.

The MP for Manicouagan, Quebec, who made headlines this week after video of him doing his hair and sleeping in the House of Commons went viral, is at it again.

On Thursday, Genest-Jourdain rose to speak about his motion on education for First Nations children. But before beginning, he took the time to carefully coif his now infamous man mane, in reference to his recent Web fame. The NDP bench erupted in laughter.

While Genest-Jourdain seems to find his recent antics in Parliament amusing, not everyone is chuckling. Soon after the video guru behind the clips, SleepyRobAnders, tweeted "Not exactly the mature way to start a debate on First Nations education underfunding, but OK" he received a retweet from Liberal Aboriginal Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Critic Carolyn Bennett.

And Bennett isn't the only one expressing outrage over Genest-Jourdain's preening and sleeping. Twitter has had plenty to say about his behaviour, not much of it positive.



Later in the day, Bennett rose in the House and expressed disappointment about Genest-Jourdain's behaviour.

"I am pleased to speak today on behalf of the Liberal Party on today's opposition day motion on Shannen's Dream, moved by the member for Manicouagan, although I must say I was disappointed by the gesture the member made at the inappropriate attempt at humour at the beginning of this very serious debate," Bennett said.

Shannen's Dream is a reference to Shannen Koostachin, a teenage girl who expressed outrage over the conditions on the Northern Ontario reserve of Attawapiskat long before it became a national story. Koostachin was later killed in a tragic car accident.

Following her death, the Shannen's Dream campaign was born, a national drive to promote education rights for Aboriginal students.

Humour can be a powerful political weapon, just ask Jon Stewart. But whether Genest-Jourdain's attempt at making us laugh helps or hinders his arguments remains to be seen.

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