02/17/2012 11:52 EST | Updated 04/18/2012 05:12 EDT

Best Beach Body Of All Time: Who Beat Kim Kardashian To Take Top Honours?


Marilyn Monroe died almost 50 years ago, but her bikini body is still, according to a new poll as reported by the Daily Mail, the most coveted bikini body of all time.

The voluptuous blond bombshell took the title ahead of other curvaceous stars like Christina Hendricks, Kim Kardashian, Raquel Welch, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce.

Commissioned by the U.K. chain Debenhams, the poll suggests people may be embracing fuller figures more than they have in the past. Says a spokesperson for the store, Sasha Nagalingham, to the Daily Mail: "Our results tell us that looking great on the beach is not about being the thinnest or the youngest woman around... Women are increasingly appreciative of figures that symbolise all the great things about womanhood."

And it's true, there could be a rebellion happening against rail-thin figures.

Fashion models are beginning to stand up for their rights, saying many times they're underfed. And then there's the controversy surrounding the reported Victoria's Secret model diet -- before a show the models are said to subsist on only egg powder and gallons of water. The Council of Fashion Designers of America has even released new health guidelines for models walking the catwalk in their shows.

Which are all positive steps to helping women embrace -- and shake -- what their momma gave them (in a bikini or a power suit).

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