02/17/2012 06:56 EST | Updated 04/18/2012 05:12 EDT

Victoria Police: Riot Gear Missing, Including Tear Gas And Shotgun

VICTORIA - Victoria police are a little red-faced after the disappearance of some of their riot gear, including a shotgun, tear gas and rubber bullets.

The police aren't sure if the equipment has been stolen or if they've just lost track of it.

The 12 gauge shotgun is capable of firing conventional as well as non-lethal ammunition.

The other missing gear includes smoke canisters and special protective vests.

Police Chief Jamie Graham says all the missing equipment can be easily identified as police-issue and he's urging anyone who finds it to call 911.

He says 10 detectives have been assigned to track down the gear, and police are upgrading their inventory control system. (CFAX)