02/21/2012 11:57 EST | Updated 04/22/2012 05:12 EDT

Sheila Nabb, Mexico Beating Victim, Released From Hospital


CALGARY - An Alberta woman who was severely beaten in Mexico has been released from hospital.

But relatives say Sheila Nabb still has "a lengthy recovery" in front of her and will likely need further surgery for her extensive facial injuries.

Nabb, 37, was found lying in a pool of blood in the elevator of the five-star Hotel Riu Emerald Bay resort in Mazatlan in mid-January.

Mexican authorities have charged Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero, 28, with attempted murder.

Quintero was presented to the media at a news conference in early February. At the time he said he and a friend sneaked into the hotel to have some drinks at the bar and he ran into a naked Nabb in the elevator.

He said they started talking and he blocked the elevator door because he was drunk and wanted to chat more. He said he panicked when she started screaming and he hit her. Quintero denied he wanted to kill her.

He later told a local newspaper he was forced to sign a confession without being allowed to read it or speak to a lawyer, though Mexican authorities are standing by the arrest and say they have videotape from a surveillance camera of him leaving the elevator.

Several bones in Nabb's face were broken and her jaw was wired shut while she was under care in Mexico. She was briefly in a medically induced coma and also had pneumonia.

Nabb was eventually brought back to Calgary and underwent reconstructive surgery on her face, which was deemed successful.

On Tuesday, Nabb's family released a statement saying she had been released from hospital.

"(She) is currently being cared for by her family with the help of some very close and great friends," said the release.

"She and her family remain positive in the outcome of this process as she has been receiving excellent care since she has been back in Calgary. Sheila is also aware of the tremendous support she and our family have received and it warms her heart."

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