02/23/2012 07:08 EST

The Best Date Movie: Which Oscar Flick Can Work For You?


Since their creation, movies have been synonymous with date nights, likely thanks in large part to the romantic atmosphere created by the dark, cozy setting. Unless, of course, you're watching a movie about sexual deviance in the frozen wilderness of Sweden.

This year's batch of Oscar-nominated movies doesn't always lend itself all that well to cuddling up, and that might just be causing problems among those who couple who take in a flick.

In a recent survey by movie rewards program SCENE, it was found that 37 per cent of Canadians argued with their dates about what movie to see -- while in Quebec, that number rose to 81 per cent.

Some other interesting stats? Women are more likely to comment throughout a movie than men, 37 per cent of women bring their own food and drinks, and 45 per cent of couples split the bill at the movies.

In honour of this year's Oscars, we've assessed which movies could work for which particular date nights -- though if we get it wrong, don't shoot the messengers.

Oscar Nominated Movies