02/24/2012 01:23 EST

Oscar Party Cocktails: Classic Drinks To Toast The Awards

Courtesy of LCBO

The Academy Awards are a long and established tradition -- yes, it might only be an awards show, but it tends to inspire a cultlike fascination, even among those who aren't all that interested in movies.

But if you're one of those people who goes all out on Oscar night and gathers friends around for a ballot-taking, red-carpet-judging good time, then you'll want to impress your guests with a serious spread.

Huffington Post Food has already pulled together recipes to accompany the nominees, and Huffington Post Canada gathered up some ice cream recipes for every Best Picture. But what might you want to be slugging to accompany those dishes?

Thanks to the new push by the Liquor Board of Ontario (LCBO) to bring back the cocktail hour, the ingredients and established methods to create most classic cocktails are readily accessible. Don't you think your Oscar party deserves a hint of Hollywood glamour, in the form of a Black Russian, served (properly) in an old-fashioned glass like the stars of the 1940s used to drink?

And for those requiring a bit of help determining just how much to budget for booze, the LCBO has a handy Party Calculator tool that does the work for you.

Check out these classic cocktail recipes for your Oscars enjoyment:

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