02/26/2012 02:34 EST | Updated 04/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Afghanistan Shootings: Canada Suspends Meetings In Afghan Ministries Due To Security Concerns

AFP/Getty Images

OTTAWA - The department of foreign affairs says Canada has suspended all meetings in Afghan ministries following the killing of two U.S. military advisers.

Foreign Affairs spokesman Yohan Rodericks says the move was taken as a precaution in light of recent security concerns.

He says all Canadian staff are safe and accounted for.

It isn't known how long the meetings will be on hold, but Rodericks says officials are keeping a close eye on the situation.

NATO and the British government recalled their international advisers from Afghan ministries in the capital late Saturday after the two American advisers _ a lieutenant colonel and a major _ were found dead in their office.

The pair, whose names have not been released, were shot in the back of the head.

Afghan authorities said today they have identified a suspect and have launched a manhunt to track him down.