Happy 18th Birthday Justin Bieber! What The Star Can Do Now That He's Legal

Canada has a new adult in its border as of March 1 -- Justin Bieber celebrates his 18th birthday today.

The 'baby' no more has over 17 million Twitter followers and took over Twitter's trend board with phrases like "Happy Birthday Justin Bieber," Beliebers Bday Sex, "He's 18" and "Happy National Bieber Day."

For most, 18 means new responsibilities with finance, voting and of course, partying. And even though Justin Bieber isn't your average young adult, turning 18 can be a milestone.

EmpoweringParents.com suggests having a serious discussion about moving out for example, with child when he or she turns 18, to establish what will be expected -- and what won't be tolerated. After all, overnight your child has become an adult and it can mean that things need to change.

For parents wondering just how their kids might be affected by the shift from 17 to 18, we've gathered together a list of things that Justin Bieber -- and your 18-year-old baby -- can do legally in Canada upon becoming "of age."

Things Justin Bieber Can Do Legally