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Jamie Oliver's Grocery Shopping Tips: 10 Ways To Improve

It's hard to pass through anything even remotely food-related these days without finding Jamie Oliver's stamp on it. The onetime "Naked Chef" has expanded his empire from the initial TV shows and cookbooks to encompass restaurants, cooking tools, a downloadable charity app and a highly political movement to change the way people eat.

But celebrity chefs aren't too hard to come by these days, so it's the latter enterprise that has the world on notice. Oliver's Food Revolution has seen him go up against governments in an attempt to have schools and whole towns eat healthier, and he was recently named more influential than the government in determining proper diet in Britain.

These attempts at reform haven't been without controversy -- some have claimed that mandated healthy food infringes on personal freedom, while others decry the higher price of Oliver's nutrition.

But when it comes to keeping things simple and fresh, there are few chefs that are walking the talk the way Oliver does. He's given the Huffington Post Canada some hints on how to grocery shop. Even if you already know the rules, as Oliver keeps showing, it can't hurt to have a refresher course.

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Jamie Oliver's Grocery Shopping Tips
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