03/01/2012 11:09 EST | Updated 03/01/2012 12:20 EST

MP Attendance: Canadian MPs With 10 Worst Records During The 41st Parliament So Far (PHOTOS)


While most of us would get fired if we didn't show up for work, for an MP in Canada attendance is optional.

The website How'd They Vote keeps a record of when MPs play hooky and the list for the 41st Parliament so far is dominated by NDP leadership contenders.

Niki Aston, Peggy Nash, Nathan Cullen, Paul Dewar, Thomas Mulcair and Romeo Saganash (who has now dropped out) all make the top 10. The only reason Brian Topp and Martin Singh are absent is because they aren't MPs.

The Bloc's Maria Mourani, who recently lost in the party's leadership contest to Daniel Paillé, also makes the list.

But it's not just leadership contenders who have been missing work. Two Tory ministers are also in the top 10.

Ed Fast, as Minister for International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, has a decent excuse, since his portfolio requires him to travel extensively. But Gerry Ritz, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, also makes the top 10.

NDP MP Sana Hassainia's appearance on the list isn't unexpected, since she is a new mother. Hassainia recently made headlines after she was asked to leave the House for bringing her baby along (the matter has since been amicably resolved).

No Liberal MPs make the top 10, but interim Liberal leader Bob Rae just missed. He has the 11th worst attendance record in the House with 52 absences so far.

Big pension, high pay, attendance optional — Where do I sign up?


1. Romeo Saganash - NDP - 94 absences

2. Maria Mourani - Bloc Quebecois - 82 absences

3. Thomas Mulcair - NDP - 74 absences

3. Paul Dewar - NDP - 74 absences

5. Nathan Cullen - NDP - 70 absences

6. Ed Fast - Conservative - 67 absences

7. Peggy Nash - NDP - 62 absences

8. Niki Ashton - NDP - 61 absences

9. Sana Hassainia - NDP - 60 absences

10. Gerry Ritz - Conservative - 54 absences