03/02/2012 06:28 EST

Jim Hillyer: Pat Martin's Speech On Robocalls And Second World War Veteran Elicits Eye Roll From Tory MP (VIDEO)

Jim Hillyer has been caught on camera behaving badly — again.

The Tory MP for Lethbridge, Alberta was taped rolling his eyes dramatically on Thursday while NDP MP Pat Martin made a speech about a misleading phone call received by 83-year-old Florence Grottenberg of Calgary on the day of the 2011 federal election.

"The day before the election, the Conservative campaign called her and asked for her vote. She said, 'No, I don't support the Conservative Party.' On election day she got the phony phone call that said her voting station had moved 20 blocks away to a school in south Calgary. 'How strange,' she writes, since she voted at the real polling station which was in the lobby of her apartment building," Martin said.

After a response from the the Prime Minster's Parliamentary Secretary Dean Del Mastro, Martin continued, bringing up Grottenberg's brother who was killed during the Second World War. "Florence Grottenberg's brother laid down his life in World War II to make the world safe for democracy, and it makes me sick that some Conservative fraudster with a speed dialer has tried to cheat her out of her most democratic freedom and right, which is to cast her ballot free of interference in a general election." You can read the complete exchange here.

While Martin talks about the veteran, Hillyer can be seen visibly expressing his displeasure.


It's not the first time Hillyer has been caught behaving badly on film.

Last year, he made headlines after celebrating a vote to scrap the gun registry with a finger guns gesture. Hillyer later said he apologized for offending anyone, but that the YouTube poster was to blame for releasing the video on the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

Hillyer is far from the only MP caught on camera over the past year. Tory MP Rob Anders was caught sleeping in the House, for which he later blamed a car accident. On Thursday, Anders made headlines again after reportedly falling asleep during a Veterans Affairs committee meeting. Anders has denied the nap.

Tory MPs aren't alone when it comes to YouTube gaffes. NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain was caught combing his hair and sleeping in the House in February. He later made light of the situation, combing his hair in an exaggerated manner before making a speech on Aboriginal education, a move which drew criticism from Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett.

NDP MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan was caught on tape in February saying that Canada has a population of 9 million people. She corrected herself soon after, arguing that she had meant the number of voters in the 2011 election. Canadians cast approximately 14.8 million ballots during the vote.

It goes on and on. Many of the recent gaffes were caught by YouTube user SleepyRobAnders, who has been compiling clips of MPs since Anders' initial nap. You can see a collection of his videos and other clips of politicians behaving badly below.

Let's hope he keeps up the good, and hilarious, work.

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