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Celebrity Skin Secrets: Best Bare-Faced Beauties (And How To Get Their Look)

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Some celebrities live and die by their intense lips, heavy shadow and triple-thick lashes (Katy Perry, anyone?), but some of our favourites look their best when their natural beauty is shining through. Whether they are caught by the papparazzi hitting the park with their pooch or they're doing publicity for their latest flick, the overall look is clean, fresh and light on the product (even when they actually have quite a bit of makeup on).

We asked three of Canada's top makeup artists to give their picks for the best "bare-faced" beauties in Hollywood as well as their tips for how you can get the look.

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Michelle Williams

"She's got gorgeous skin, she's like an English rose," says makeup artist Diana Carreiro, who's done editorial work for Flare, Filler and Vanity Fair. "You know it's not 100 per cent natural, but even when you see her on the street with her daughter, she looks lovely, fresh and healthy."

How To Get The Look: Skin

"Drink your water. if you're dehydrated, it shows in your skin," says Carreiro. "Have a really good skin care regime, wash your makeup off at night, wear your sunblock. If you really want to look good without makeup, you really have to look after your skin, because the glow comes from within."

"For a lighter look, you can mix a little bit of your moisturizer with your foundation," says Veronica Chu, whose work appears in mags like Fashion, Elle and Marie Clare. "Stay away from oil-free foundations, which are more matte, because you're not going to look as natural and dewy. I like ones with a little bit of pearlessence in it, so it has that naural sheen. A lot of women get afraid of that, becuase they think they'll look oily, but there's a big difference between oily and dewy."

Jennifer Lopez

"She really pioneered the "no-makeup makeup" look, but she actually has lot of makeup on," says Sabrina Rinaldi, whose work has appeared in Harper's Bazaar, Dressed to Kill and Cosmopolitan. "The skin and the tones and the highlights are what's speaking about her face. No hard lines, no graphic eyeliner, no defined cheek, it's all highlights and contours."

How To Get The Look: Foundation

"The number one thing I would suggest is buy two foundations, your summer colour and your winter colour -- one dark, one light," says Rinaldi. "Look at the way light hits your face -- the centre of your face is always lighter and the edges are always darker. In the middle of your forehead, the centre of your nose, under your eyes and on your chin, you would use a lighter tone. Around edges of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks, put your darker tone on. And blend. Blending is the most important thing."

To really master the art of "no-makeup makeup" techniques, Rinaldi recommends About Face by Scott Barnes, the makeup artist who created J-Lo's look.

Julianne Moore

"She is so beautiful naturally," says Chu. "More is less on Julianne Moore."

How To Get The Look: Highlighter

"The main thing with that natural, no-makeup look is a highlighter," says Chu. "You brush a little bit of that on your nose bridge, a little bit of that on your cheeks, you could even do it on the bow of you lip, on your lids, just so you have a really fresh, undone look. The only way you see it is when you hit the light."

"Tinted moisturizer is amazing for evening out skin tone. Cream blush, applied under your tinted moisturizer, really gives you a glow-from-within look," says Carreiro. You can even mix a tiny dot [of highlighter] in to your foundation for an all-over glow, without it being crazy shiny."

Jennifer Aniston

"She's a glamazon. Always the perfect blonde hair, and she's got a great glow about her," says Carreiro. "Although she does lay out [in the sun] a lot."

How To Get The Look: Eyeshadow

"Choose eyeshadows that give a champagne shimmer, a little brightness around the eye," says Carreiro. "You want to bring out your eyes, so you're going to do a very tight line of powder shadow right at the lash line. It will be barely noticeable, but gives your lashes the illusion of being fuller."

"When you do eyeshadow, go with what's in your own skin tone pallette, one to two shades lighter or darker. If you're yellow-toned, your eyeshadow should have a yellow tone. And your cheeks shouldn't be a purply pink, they should be a peachy pink," says Rinaldi.

Halle Berry

"There's one woman who looks phenomenal without makeup," says Carreiro. "Unless she's on the red carpet, you do not see that woman with a ton of product on her face."

How To Get The Look: Mascara

"I'm the hugest fan of mascara, and even with the no-makeup makeup look, you don't want your eyes to look washed out," says Rinaldi. "Lashes are such a beautiful way to look awake and fresh. I'm a fan of small rubber wands, it makes it easier to comb it through. Take some of the product off the wand [when you take it out of the tube] -- you can always add more."

"What happens is women really can't put down the mascara once they get the wand in their hand, something happens and they go double-time," says Chu. "It's hard for women to put on a soft, natural coat. I would do a really light coat of mascara with your eyelashes curled. A black-brown is a little softer than black."

Rachel McAdams

"She is so gorgeous without any makeup," says Chu. "I almost feel she looks better without makeup than with it. She has such red, natural lips that she doesn't need a lot."

How To Get The Look: Lips

"For lips, tinted lip balm is great. I think it's a product that hasn't really caught on," says Chu. "A touch of colour, a touch of moisture and a little bit of UV protection, which is great too. And they're easy to put on because they're so sheer."

To find the right shade for you: "Pull your lip -- what's at your gumline is your natural lip colour," says Rinaldi. "Or you can rub your lip and get the blood flowing and that's your stain colour. If you're a bit afraid of it looking unnatural, go with a lip stain or lip balm, but if you want it to be more enhanced, go with a lip gloss."