03/05/2012 05:30 EST | Updated 05/05/2012 05:12 EDT

Food Blogger Wanted: British Columbia City Seeking A Pro for $50,000

Tourism Richmond

RICHMOND, B.C. - For anyone who likes to dine on egg rolls and dim sum, this could be a good gig.

Tourism officials in Richmond, B.C., say they're taking applications this month from around the world — with some interviews via Skype — for a food blogger.

They say the city of 200,000 outside Vancouver is "a hidden gastronomic gem" with more than 400 Asian eateries, and want to capitalize on the international rise in culinary tourism.

But the assignment is no "walk in the park," says Tourism Richmond. In fact, it may well involve more sitting and swallowing than walking. Among other duties, the successful applicant will have to visit at least one of the city's restaurants every day.

The one-year contract comes with a salary of $50,000, plus compensation for housing and living expenses, as well as a daily stipend for all restaurant meals.

And to help burn off all those calories, the perks also include a membership to the Richmond Olympic Oval and its 2,100-square-metre fitness centre.

"Our culinary offerings are like none other and we believe the best way to demonstrate that is through the eyes and stomach of an online foodie presence," said Tourism Richmond CEO Tracy Lakeman.