03/06/2012 02:18 EST | Updated 05/06/2012 05:12 EDT

Robocalls: PayPal Canada Says It Is Co-Operating With Elections Canada Probe


TORONTO - A company that provides an online payment service has gotten tangled in a widening probe into alleged dirty tricks used in last year's federal election campaign.

PayPal Canada confirmed Tuesday it had received a court order from Elections Canada relating to some of its records but refused to elaborate.

"PayPal is working to support this investigation, but also adheres to a strict privacy policy to protect the confidential information of our users," spokeswoman Martha Cass said in a statement.

However, Elections Canada said it didn't know anything about the court order. Nor could it confirm any connection with the ongoing "robocall" probe.

"At this point, I don't have that — I can't get that information or confirm it for you," said Diane Benson, a spokeswoman for the federal agency.

Investigators with Elections Canada have been looking into complaints of misleading calls made to voters in Guelph, Ont., during the 2011 federal election.

Since the scandal broke, Canadians in dozens of ridings have reported receiving phoney or harassing calls by people purportedly representing political parties.

Elections Canada is now reviewing more than 31,000 reports of such automated calls.

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