03/08/2012 10:19 EST | Updated 05/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Bullied teen's mom wants more support from justice system

An east Toronto bullying victim and her mother says Canada's justice system should do more about bullying.

After being alerted by some friends, 13-year-old Sierra White and her mother, Tanya White, found a harsh string of tweets from Sierra's former best friend that attacked the girl's appearance and even used sexually explicit language.

"It was hard," Sierra told CBC News. "There was times I didn't want to go to school."

In January 2011, Sierra was assaulted at school by the former friend, who wrote on Twitter than she had planned to attack the teen.

Another classmate videotaped the assault, but police confiscated the footage.

Although the accused was kicked out of school and arrested, she was not charged.

Tanya White said she is discouraged that more wasn't done because the accused attacker was only 13.

"One of their exact words was, 'What would you like me to do, throw the book at her? She's 13,'" White recalled.

"She made her life a living hell for almost a year and a half and then assaulted her," White said. "[So] yeah, do something."

Police said the accused teen was put into the youth referral program.

"The accused is a 13-year-old girl … the girl will take basic community service, take responsibilities for her actions," Const. Tony Vella said.

"When we did speak to our counterparts in the court system, this was the best option to take."

"That's not right," White said, adding that the parents of bullied children need more support from the justice system.

The Whites plan to move Sierra to a new school next fall.