International Women's Day On Twitter: Famous Names Tweet Their Support

The work behind International Women's Day is no small feat, and represents the lifetimes of effort women have put into building a better present and future. Search the hashtag #IWD2012 on Twitter and you'll see that people are talking about Women's Day -- including many of those well-known faces love to follow.

With IWD participants in 94 countries, women across the globe marched, rallied, celebrated and remembered. No gesture was too small, with some even giving up makeup to honour the fight for women's rights and lives. And while not everyone could take the time to take part in some of the day's 1,600 events, there was enough time to commemorate women in 140 characters or less. Here's what some famous voices in the Twitterverse had to say today:

American journalist Maria Shriver:

Celebrity Chef Padma Lakshmi:

And singer Keri Hilson:

Meanwhile, in Canada, here's what some of the local personalities were talking about:

Leader of The Green Party of Canada:

Leader of the New Democrat Party:

Canadian author and social activist, Naomi Klein:

It wasn't only women reminding everyone about the significance of March 8th:

UK Prime Minister David Cameron also announced he'd be creating legislation to end sexual harassment

Musical artist Pitbull:

And on-air personality, Ryan Seacrest:

Did we miss anyone? What are you doing for International Women's Day? Send us a tweet @HuffPostCaLiv.