03/08/2012 02:39 EST | Updated 05/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Officials insist seniors at troubled care home not exposed to asbestos

REGINA - The Saskatoon Health Region insists all precautions were taken to remove asbestos from a seniors home where there have been structural problems.

The region says asbestos was found in floor tiles in part of the assisted living section at St. Mary's Villa in Humboldt.

The section was being renovated for 32 patients who were being relocated from another part of the facility where the floor is deteriorating.

But the Opposition NDP says the concern is that 10 seniors were still living in the section when the renos started.

New Democrat Cam Broten says having workers around in protective suits added to the stress for the 10 seniors, who had recently been given less than a week to move out.

The region says at no time were the seniors exposed to asbestos.

It's not the first trouble for St. Mary's Villa.

The section where the floor is deteriorating is the same area where a carbon monoxide leak in December 2010 contributed to the deaths of three residents and made dozens of others sick. The CO poisoning stemmed from a gas leak in a boiler.