03/08/2012 10:42 EST | Updated 05/08/2012 05:12 EDT

Pointer penalty, not speeding ticket, for elderly Victoria-area driver

SAANICH, - Age has its benefits in the Victoria-area suburb of Saanich, B.C., and a perfect driving record doesn't hurt, either.

Saanich Police say they pulled over the driver on Tuesday as he whipped his Buick Century through a 30 kilometre per hour school zone at nearly double the speed limit.

But the officer decided against issuing a ticket when he checked the man's licence and found a recently issued five-year renewal on an absolutely spotless record.

The driver is 100 years old.

But the centenarian behind the wheel of the Century didn't get off unscathed.

Along with a stern lecture, police say the traffic officer "issued a finger wag" for good measure. (CFAX)