03/09/2012 04:34 EST

Things You Do When You Live Alone: Attention Getter

Things That Seem Normal When You Live
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There's been a lot of attention lavished on the notion of living alone as of late, from the New York Times reporting on the "freedom and perils" of solo habitation, and the Atlantic narrowing in on single women and their "new" single lifestyles. The Huffington Post has already covered the benefits of living alone -- and now we're looking at the flip side.

Horse+Horse, one of the hilarious video teams at has pulled together some of the most common -- and yes, most embarrassing -- things people do when they live alone. Talking to yourself? Check. Peeing with the door open? Why close it? Make your bed? Ha!

After all, who needs to clean when it's just you? As Melinda Taub, the video's director, said in an interview with UCBcomedy's blog about the filming, "We knocked it out on a Saturday morning/early afternoon in my apartment. Which I cleaned like a maniac, because people were coming over, and then had to re-mess for the video."

The end result is a video worth every second of your time if you've ever lived on your own -- heck, if you've ever spent more than 24 hours alone in your apartment, you'll be able to recognize yourself in here. Does it reveal some kind of deeper, darker side within us that this is how we act given no audience? Quite possibly -- or just shows us that we all really wish we had British accents.