03/10/2012 05:19 EST | Updated 05/10/2012 05:12 EDT

Vancouver cyclist sued by driver after collision

Vancouver city councillor and cycling advocate Geoff Meggs is being sued by a motorist for $5,000 after a collision that took place two years ago.

Meggs was hospitalized with damaged veterbrae after his bicycle collided with a Mercedes car near 51st and Granville in 2010. According to court documents filed by ICBC, the car sustained damage to its front end and windshield.

The driver, Ruey-Ying Isabel Chen, is now accusing Meggs of being negligent and causing the accident.

She alleges Meggs failed to slow down, stop or even turn to avoid the crash. She also accuses Meggs of speeding, failing to look out and not keeping his bike maintained.

Personal injury lawyer Robyn Wishart says cyclists are rarely sued by drivers, but advised cyclists to carry homeowner's insurance.

"If someone doesn't carry homeowners' insurance or renter's insurance, they may be left exposed to pay for any harms or losses that they cause to someone that they injure when they're riding a bicycle," said Wishart.

Neither Meggs and Chen have commented on the lawsuit. Meggs has 21 days to file a response in court.