03/11/2012 07:45 EDT | Updated 05/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Teen house party that trended on Twitter draws few after location moved to bar

CALGARY - Anticipation on social media about a Calgary teen's house party turned to disappointment when the tweeted address ended up being a nightclub where no one under 18 was allowed.

Police had already spoken earlier in the week with Grade 12 student Hunter Mills after the tweet about his friend Kris Morey's party — with the hashtag #projectkris — attracted worldwide attention.

On Saturday night, Mills tweeted the address of the party — but it turned out to be the Back Alley Night Club in Calgary.

Police duty inspector Shawn Wallace says it was just an ordinary night at the club.

Wallace says officers kept their eyes on several other potential locations for the party, but it was all-quiet there, too.

Some on Twitter have been calling #projectkris the "letdown of the century."

Wallace said police were following social network sites to stay informed.

"There were a lot of different tweets for different locations, and a lot of kids around, but there wasn't any party site," Wallace said.

"It was much ado about nothing," he added.

Mills told media earlier this week that he caught his friend by surprise with the tweet. Mills said he thought it was funny, and then it "just blew up."

Within 24 hours of the original #projectkris post, thousands of Calgarians were tweeting about the party, and it eventually it attracted hundreds of thousands of posts worldwide.

Users as far away as Australia, Japan and the Middle East were talking about crashing the event.

Following the news Saturday that the address was a bar, many tweets were cynical.

One tweet advertised #projectkris T-shirts for $1,000 each.

"Its [sic] white & blank on both sides just like the party," the tweet mocked.

Others promoted their own parties.

"Let's go crazy next weekend," one tweet stated.