Shower Sex In Canada: Quebec Says Yes, Alberta Says No

Canadians, want to get dirty while getting clean? Apparently, it's time to head to Quebec.

According to results from an Ipsos Reid survey by the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH), 53 per cent of Canadians have had sex in the shower, with people from Quebec leading the charge at 58 per cent. Following closely on its heels is Ontario at 55 per cent, while Albertans were the least likely to engage in the behaviour, trailing at 41 per cent.

"It was surprising to me that Alberta was so low," Ipsos Reid Associate Vice President Sean Simpson told The Huffington Post Canada. "Alberta is a very young province, and we found in the survey that young people were most likely to be intimate in the shower. So it stands to reason that Albertans would be much higher in the numbers."

Sixty-nine per cent of the younger population surveyed (ages 18 to 34) said they'd had sex in the shower, while the 35-to-54 crowd stood steady at 54 per cent. Simpson also noted that Albertans were the most likely to not even answer the question at all, with 29 per cent declining to respond.

The survey, conducted in honour of World Plumbing Day, highlighted water conservation efforts across the country. While it could be argued that doubling up in the shower can save on water, the anticipated, well, extension of time in the stall doesn't quite go along with the campaign.

A recent international poll found that 39 per cent of the world's population reported having sex at least twice a week -- though when it was narrowed down to Canada, that number dropped to 33 per cent. Time to jump in shower, Canada!

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