03/12/2012 11:28 EDT | Updated 03/12/2012 11:55 EDT

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012 Day One: Carpets, Piglets And More At Korhani, Holts And Pavoni (PHOTOS)

Chris Young/AP

Believe it or not, there's a lot of fun to be had wearing carpets and rugs while carrying piglets (apparently an "it" accessory for spring?). Yes, we know what you're thinking -- we're nuts. But hear us out. To kick off Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012, home designer Kirsten Korhani took to the runway Monday night to show off some of her eclectic, bold and colourful floor coverings cut into bodices and ensembles fit for brave fashionistas and their floors. Bright reds and purples featured prominently, as well as lots of green. Perfect for the daring sartorialists out there -- especially the ones who love baby pigs.

And while there were also more muted options in beiges and browns, none of the designs were frumpy. We have to disagree with a certain fashion-show attendee who argued out loud during the show that "I hate cleaning carpets so why would I wear one?" These reimagined rugs looked perfect for the dark, damp first days of winter. If only they were actually made to wear for our closet instead of our floors. Jillian Harris gave the whole thing a standing ovation.

Next up was the always fabulous Holt Renfrew show, featuring designs by Dennis Merotto, Jeremy Laing, Judith & Charles, Lida Baday, Line, Mackage, Smythe and Twenty Cluny -- all told, some of the most versatile and wearable collections anyone will see at Fashion Week. The colours, like the trends we've been seeing all over, were muted -- lots of blacks and dark greys. Pops of colour (one bright blue dress paired with an orange clutch) came courtesy of Dennis Merotto.

Outerwear played a big part at the show, which is logical given Canada's penchant for layering as the barometer drops. Sleek leather with faux fur collars will line Holts shelves thanks to Smythe Les Vestes and Mackage, it seems. And speaking of layering, leggings and skinny pants are still in for fall (yay to the cigarette bottoms; boo to leggings); they were paired with billowy, knee-length blouses, sweaters and vests at Jeremy Laing.

To close out night one, Pavoni took to the runway. And what a way to wrap up the evening. The luscious gowns from the creators of the line make us crave fancy meals out and hangouts at galas. If you have a black-tie event coming up, opt for one of the beaded red options that rocked the runway. If you're a bride, consider ditching the "traditional" idea of a gown and reach for one of these creations. They're stunning. Stun. Ing. You'd easily be a best-dressed bride contender -- we even think you'd trump, ahem, Kate Middleton -- and that's saying something.

Check out some of the looks from Monday night's shows below. And stay tuned for our coverage of Tuesday's shows -- three of the hottest tickets in town are Lucian Matis, Soïa & Kyo and Lundström.

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