03/13/2012 12:47 EDT

Djaouida Sellah: NDP MP The Latest To Do Hair In The House Of Commons (VIDEO)

Djaouida Sellah is the latest MP to be caught on video doing something embarrassing in the House of Commons.

The NDP Member of Parliament for Saint-Bruno—Saint-Hubert in Quebec can be seen in a YouTube clip styling her hair during parliamentary proceedings on March 12.

The clip of Sellah follows close on the heels of video of NDP MP Jonathan Genest-Jourdain, who was caught not once, but twice, doing his hair in the House. Genest-Jourdain got so much attention for his antics, which included a sleepy moment à la Rob Anders, that "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" had him on the show.

MPs have been getting busted on tape so often recently that the House Affairs Committee has raised the idea of an illuminated red light for the cameras in the Commons to let politicians know when to look their best.

This isn't the first embarrassing moment for Sellah. In November of last year, CTV reported that she was one of two NDP MPs who needed to consult a lyrics sheet to sing "O Canada."

To be fair, everyone needs to do their hair from time to time and knowing "O Canada" in both official languages can be a challenge. Maybe we should just be happy that she's awake.

Video via SleepyRobAnders on YouTube. Get the latest videos on Twitter.

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