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Justin Trudeau: <i>This</i> BlackBerry Sucks. It Just Sucks (PHOTOS)


UPDATE: Apparently upset with a story about his Twitter criticism of his smartphone, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau accused the Huffington Post Canada of publishing a “blatant lie” that he hates BlackBerry maker Research In Motion.

“Blatant lie from @HuffPostCanada,” Trudeau tweeted Wednesday. “BlackBerry sucks, it just sucks” -- I never, ever said that. Mad at my phone, yes. Mad at RIM, no.”

Trudeau was evidently upset at the original headline on this article, which read, Justin Trudeau: BlackBerry Sucks. It Just Sucks.

The headline was a paraphrase, and was not meant to be seen as a direct quote, hence the lack of quotation marks.

The MP for Montreal's Papineau riding did not object to any other element of the story, which reported on his Tweet Monday declaring, “OK, now I officially hate this Blackberry. Stupid ineffective touch screen mislaunching tweets. Plus I can't multitask, apparently.”

Some people on Twitter accused the MP for Montreal's Papineau riding of having deleted that Tweet from his feed, but it's still there. See the proof below.

The Huffington Post has clarified the headline. It now reads Justin Trudeau: This BlackBerry Sucks. It Just Sucks.



As if Research In Motion didn’t have enough bad news to contend with, now one of Canada’s highest-profile politicians has publicly declared he’s just about had enough of the BlackBerry.

“Ok, now I officially hate this Blackberry,” Liberal MP Justin Trudeau tweeted Monday night. “Stupid ineffective touch screen mislaunching tweets. Plus I can't multitask, apparently.”

That didn’t get past RIM’s public relations people, one of whom, who goes by the Twitter handle BlackBerry_Amy, Tweeted back Tuesday offering to help the two-term member of Parliament from Montreal with his BlackBerry.

“Sorry to hear you’re having BlackBerry trouble. I’m in PR at RIM. Can I help?” the tweeter asked.

A similar message also appeared on RIM's main Twitter account.

It wasn’t immediately clear what BlackBerry model was getting the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau so upset, nor did the MP respond publicly to RIM’s offer of help as of the time this was written.

Some members of the Twitterverse had advice for the politician.

“The answer to all your ‘BrickBerry’ woes -- the iPhone!” one tweet suggested.

Yet others took the parliamentarian to task for publicly criticizing a homegrown business.

Trudeau “raises awareness for a homeless project … and mistweets to create future BlackBerry homeless in Waterloo,” tweeted Gregory Alan Elliott., referring to Research In Motion headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario and the MP's appearance at an overnight homelessness event Monday Night.

Trudeau has developed a reputation for occasional hot-headed comments. He took flak for calling Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of s**t” in Parliament last year, and recently even suggested he didn’t entirely regret the comment because it brought attention to the fact the Conservative government blocked non-government MPs from joining the Canadian delegation to the Durban climate conference.

Trudeau was also criticized recently when he suggested he would support Quebec separatism if Canada went too far to the right, politically.

Research In Motion has been getting mixed news of late. Still struggling with declining market share in the U.S. and elsewhere, the once-mighty tech giant looks likely to miss its next earnings forecast.

The release of Apple’s new iPad last week positioned RIM even further behind in the tablet market, where the PlayBook has been struggling with lower-than-expected sales.

But there have been some bright spots, and some analysts say the PlayBook may yet find a place for itself in the tablet market. Future Shop, one of Canada’s largest electronics retailers, reported earlier this month that the PlayBook was the biggest-selling tablet in its stores.

However, it remains to be seen whether RIM will keep that status when the new iPad goes on sale Friday.

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