03/13/2012 10:02 EDT | Updated 05/13/2012 05:12 EDT

Justin Trudeau: Boxing Match Side Bets With Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau Possible


The stakes for Justin Trudeau's boxing match with Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau may have just been raised.

The two men are considering side bets for their upcoming charity fight, according to Sun News.

Brazeau wants the loser to be forced to wear a jersey displaying the winner's political stripes, while Trudeau believes a haircut for the loser would be the ultimate punishment. Both politicians sport long and luscious locks.

If Trudeau gets his way, it seems likely he'll be shedding his man mane before long. Betting website Bodog has Brazeau down as the three-to-one favourite and Sports Bet Online also heavily favours the Tory senator. HuffPost readers, however, disagree. At the time of writing, our totally unscientific poll suggested Trudeau is a three-to-two favourite.

Trudeau's considerable coiffure isn't all that's at stake in the fight.

Many view the Liberal MP from Papineau, Quebec as the inevitable heir to the Liberal leadership. A Forum Research poll in February suggested Trudeau is Canada's second pick for leader, coming in behind current interim chief Bob Rae. While Trudeau has pledged not to run this time around, the outcome of the coming contest could have major implications for any future ambitions.

The fundraiser for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is being organized by Ottawa's Final Round Boxing Club. The cause is close to both fighters' hearts. Complications from prostate cancer killed Trudeau's father and Brazeau lost his mother to lung cancer.

Tickets for the March 31 fight at Hampton Inn Convention Centre in Ottawa are $250, but you can catch the battle live on the Sun News Network.

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