03/14/2012 12:16 EDT | Updated 05/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Ambulance smashed, five injured, in accident police link to alcohol

GATINEAU, Que. - An ambulance was smashed in a pre-dawn accident near Ottawa, causing five people to be brought to hospital Wednesday.

Those injured included an ambulance paramedic, who was listed in critical condition. The colleague riding in the ambulance with him was alo injured and listed as stable.

The accident occurred just after 5:30 a.m. on Highway 148, in Gatineau, Que.

A 29-year-old man, driving a pickup truck, allegedly swerved into the oncoming lane and smashed into the ambulance.

Authorities suspected alcohol was involved in the crash. The driver of the pickup was asked to undergo blood tests and police said they had arrested him.