Nanny Tell-Alls: Ex-Kardashian Employee Joins Club Of Nanny Book Authors

Former nanny to the stars of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Pam Behan, is ready to reveal “intimate details” around the celebrity family’s private life and we can’t say we’re surprised; nannies airing dirty laundry in public isn’t exactly unheard of.

Angelina Jolie has been likewise afflicted, Martha Scully, founder and CEO of, says, and many nannies and parents have found maintaining personal boundaries challenging.

“When somebody is doing care in your home, it goes way beyond the employee/employer [dynamic]. They’re part of your life whether you want them to be or not,” says Scully, who has been pairing families with childcare and vice versa for more than a decade.

In most cases for celebrities, it probably leans toward the 'not.' Madonna, Heather Mills, Tony Blair and many others have laid down the law to prevent their nannies from giving the goods to tabloids. In the Kardashians’ case, it remains to be seen. Behan’s book will reveal Kim and Kourtney’s private lives, and it will slam Bruce Jenner’s sons, TMZ reports, but she has promised the book won’t 'tell all.' Behan even plans to have the Kardashians review the manuscript before it goes to print.

What we do know is that without the proper precautions, celebrities and regular folk alike can tangle with nannies over private information that could come out in divorce proceedings and neighbourhood gossip, Scully says -- or for the rich and famous, on gossip blogs.

“What we recommend is have the nanny have a contract, lay everything out from the very beginning and then always remember that the nanny is not your friend, she’s actually your employee,” Scully says.

Something tells us a few stars are way ahead of us on that one; but others might have a few lessons to learn about keeping things professional.

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