03/19/2012 09:42 EDT | Updated 03/19/2012 09:43 EDT

Toronto Fashion Week Trends: Fine Feathered Friends And Mix And Match Looks For Fall 2012 (PHOTOS)


Thirty-one shows, backstage beauty access, a PETA protest and interviews with some of Canada's sartorial heavyweights -- and another fall Toronto Fashion Week has come to a close.

Over the past few days, we've brought you the highlights of many runways -- from Sunny Fong's VAWK to a spectacular closing night catwalk at Adrian Wu. We've seen a lot of fashion, and discovered what we can expect in terms of fall beauty trends.

And now it's time to discuss what to wear for fall 2012. What statements will be all over street style blogs? What items will you see lining you favourite store shelves? Straight from Toronto's runways, here's what to expect for your wardrobe post-summer.


Girly outfit accoutrements were everywhere this fashion week -- and none stood out more than feathers. From Lucian Matis's show at The Royal York Hotel to overcoats decked out in plumage at Pink Tartan, it seems feathers will rule the fashion roost this fall. Go bold and wear them on a shirt or dress, or add them in accessory form as a fascinator.


After a few seasons of grey and brown being considered the go-to basic, black is finally back. Every single runway featured at least two outfits (yes, even Joe Fresh) made entirely of this colour (or would that be a non-colour?). You'll want to wear it in every way possible -- in accessories, dresses, pants, shifts and even shoe form. Not a fan of noir? The next most prominent colour featured on runways was navy.


Never before have we seen so many materials mixed together in single outfits. There was luscious suede and wool at Line, as well as silk and leather at Travis Taddeo. If you want to be on trend for fall, the key will be to play with texture. Have fun. Mix and match. The easiest way to pull off the look will be by adding mixed-fabric sweaters and dresses to your closet.


If you're a fan of colour, fall 2012 won't be as fun for hues as spring 2012, but there are some bold tones to reach for. Think turquoise, like we saw at Mélissa Nepton, and the mustards and reds from Joe Fresh. Purple will also be a smart sartorial go-to.


Can't figure out if you want to wear feminine attire or if you'd rather go for a more masculine look? Fall 2012 is your season to make a style statement by wearing both looks -- at the same time. From Caitlin Power to Pink Tartan, looking androgynous in your attire will be key. Add androgynous elements to your wardrobe with oversized blazers, slim-cut pants and billowy yet simple blouses.


From Western style at Bustle to Samurai and Oriental trends from Sunny Fong at VAWK, fall 2012 seems to be all about finding your inner fashionista and having fun with looks you didn't think you could pull off. This is one season where expressing yourself is key, so don't take anything too seriously and give yourself a completely new style personality!

Check out some of fall's hottest looks in the below slideshow.

Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012: Trends Recap (PHOTOS)