03/19/2012 12:17 EDT | Updated 03/19/2012 12:18 EDT

National Spring Cleaning Week 2012: 10 Ways To De-Clutter Your Closet (PHOTOS)


This week marks National Spring Cleaning Week. Each day, The Huffington Post Style team will give you tips on how to organize the most used spaces in your home.

When it comes to closets, most of us like to dream big. Racks for heels, hooks for ties and a never ending shelf that can carry all of our designer bags. But, in reality, the majority of us have a tiny closet that ends up holding more than just clothes. This is where closet-clutter problems begin.

"Unless you have the luxury of a walk in-closet, you should only be keeping your clothes in there," says Andrew Neary, a professional organizer based in Toronto.

To kick off a week of cleaning, why not start in a space most of us use -- or even avoid -- daily? Here are Neary's 10 tips to de-clutter and organize your wardrobe space.

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