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Celeb Makeup Tricks: Learn Their Techniques To Looking Red-Carpet Ready

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Seeing celebrities without makeup is like finding out what’s behind the curtain – in this case, the curtain being expertly applied makeup. But starlets and it girls are real people after all who have to deal with the same things we all do – dark circles, full faces, wimpy eyelashes and more. Have a look at these eight celebrities and learn from two beauty pros how makeup helps make them look red-carpet ready and – learn how to perfect your technique when it comes to concealing imperfections and highlighting your best features.

Kristen Stewart

Stewart has a clear complexion but without makeup, the dark circles revealed under her eyes look like she’s pulled one too many all-nighters with vampires.

Conceal like a pro: If you’re resembling Stewart lately when it comes to undereye circles, remember that you don’t have to apply a full face of foundation if you’re pressed for time. “Coverage of dark circles is maybe all you need,” says Andrea Claire, a celebrity makeup artist based in Singapore. How to get the best results? “Apply concealer over your eye cream targeted for dark circles by placing four dots spaced apart starting at the inner eye. Pat with your ring finger to blend.”

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Jessica Alba

It’s pretty difficult to find a bad photo with the naturally pretty Alba. Sans makeup the first element of her usual look that strikes us most? The great natural blush she always has on her cheeks. “Blush is great for Alba, the mom on the go with great skin but in need of a perk of colour to freshen up tired skin—as moms get,” says Claire.

Blush hour: If you have a fuller face, Claire suggests avoiding the apples of the cheeks when you apply blush—“It will only make the face look fuller.”

Amanda Seyfried

Without makeup, even Seyfried’s big blue eyes don’t distract from the redness in her skin. But her skin is is beautiful so she only needs to enhance it with foundation where needed, says Beau Nelson, New York-based celebrity makeup artist.

Foundation fix: “When you have an exact shade match to your skin, it’s not necessary to use foundation everywhere,” says Nelson, who adds that this allows makeup to look more natural. “I recommend starting in the centre of the face paying attention to the chin, the area between the brows and around the nose, and then stepping back from the mirror and looking to see if you really need it anywhere else,” he says, suggesting a sheerer application in other areas.

Kate Winslet

Makeup-less, Winslet still looks stunning but with her fair skin and fuller features, the photo makes apparent how she (or her makeup artist) has perfected their contouring skills.

Contouring class: Not contouring? You should. “Many of us could benefit from a little contour,” says Claire. “If done well, it blends seamlessly creating dimension.” To get it right, use a bronzer that is more tan in colour than orange, she says. Take a tapered blush brush (“It makes blending into the cheek hollows easy peasy,” she says.). Insider secret: If you’re not sure where your cheek hollows are, suck in your cheeks and make a fish face—contour that sunken part. “Then blend with a sheer blush over top to soften the sculpted look,” says Claire.

Gwyneth Paltrow

This fair-haired beauty fades without her lipstick, which also ties into the rest of her makeup. “Paltrow often wears monochromatic makeup which I think is very chic and sophisticated,” says Nelson.

Go with one tone: Want to try Gwyneth’s one-colour look? “When wearing monochrome colour it’s important to choose flattering shades in the same family for eyes, lips and cheeks, says Nelson. Universally flattering shades include bronzes, browns and neutral roses and beiges. For your lipstick, he suggests starting with a mid-tone rose (“Look for something that enhances your natural lip colour but maybe a shade or two deeper, without any blue or brown tones in it,” he says).

Mila Kunis

Kunis is still a stunner without makeup but less striking. “She’s far from ordinary even without makeup but, true to my makeup philosophy, you should play up your best feature,” says Claire, and for Kunis, her sexy eyes are lacking oomph when caught with her lashes au naturel.

Mascara musts: Experiment with wearing more than one type of mascara at once. “You can start with a lengthening mascara and follow with a volumizing mascara – the results are lushes and long lashes,” says Claire. And her secret tip to create depth? “Layer brown and black mascaras,” she says.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian’s blessed with enormous, almond-shaped eyes, but without eyeliner and lash extension enhancing them, they don’t pop out as much.

Eye enhancement: “To draw attention to your eyes, use black liner on the inner rim of the eye, which immediately intensifies the lash line and adds drama to the face,” says Nelson. He suggests following that up with soft smokey shadow around the top and bottom lash line, curling lashes and adding several coats of black mascara to really make the eyes shine.

Katy Perry

Without her bright eye shadows, Perry’s still got some sparkling sapphire blue eyes, but she loses that playful edge she’s become known for.

Shadow play: “Wearing bright colors can make a look exciting and fresh,” says Nelson. Not bold enough to try it? “To get comfortable wearing bright shadows without looking clownish, try using a vivid liner over top of neutral shadows to create a pop of colour,” he suggests.