03/20/2012 10:28 EDT

Girl's First Ski Jump: Get Inspired By A 10 Year Old

When was the last time you did something absolutely terrifying? If you, like most people, can't quite remember, it's time to live vicariously though fourth grader Zia Terry. The 10 year old's personal challenge was conquering an immense ski jump for the first time in Utah's Olympic Park, and boy, did she ever succeed.

The two-minute long video, uploaded by user UK2NZ2NC2UT, a family friend, has reached viral proportions, and it's easy to see why. Though most of the footage consists of a shot down the long, long jump, the commentary from Terry is impossible to look away from.

"Here goes something, I guess," she says to herself as she prepares to launch herself down the K40 jump.

It's almost impossible to listen to the build-up, the pep talk and the eventual whoosh of the wind without being reminded of just how incredible it can be to push yourself past your limits.

In 2014, women will be permitted to ski jump in the Olympics for the first time, and the U.S.'s premiere female ski jumper, Lindsey Van, noted that she too had grown up trying out that Park City jump.

So Zia, see you in 2018?