03/20/2012 12:15 EDT

Josie Dye Butchers National Anthem: DJ Fails Not Once, But Twice

What happens when a bucket list meets humiliation? That's the question faced by Toronto radio personality Josie Dye after not one, but two, failed attempts to sing the Canadian national anthem at a Toronto Rock lacrosse game on March 16.

The DJ, a self-described "fun, fearless female" apparently had this particular task on her bucket list, but it seems the opportunity came about a little too soon for her. The rendition is dicey from the get go, when Dye substitutes the final words for the second line, and her attempts to charm the crowd ("Help me! Help me!") fall completely flat.

But Dye herself admitted humiliation right afterwards on Twitter, and has continued to retweet both the positive and negative reviews on her feed since:

"I effd up the anthem 2X at the rock game! Hiding under a rock till next year!" Dye tweeted.

Dye is certainly not the first person to flub the national anthem -- Roseanne Barr and Christina Aguilera come to mind -- but if you have to fail in front of a crowd of 12,000 (not to mention all those potential YouTube views), at least it helps to make fun of yourself.

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