03/20/2012 10:47 EDT | Updated 03/20/2012 11:19 EDT

National Proposal Day 2012: Women Blinded By Bling, Not Sweet Words (PHOTOS)


If you were being proposed to, you'd think the first thought that'd come to mind is, "YES!" or "Oh, holy heck no."

But according to a new survey written just in time for today's National Proposal Day, the first thought actually revolves around the bling your partner proposes with.

Based on the research compiled by -- a new website devoted to helping you source and plan your wedding with ease -- 26 per cent of women, immediately after being proposed to, think, "WOW! This ring is stunning." Nine per cent apparently wish they had worn a better outfit, more makeup or that their nails looked fully manicured (who can take a picture with a diamond stunner if their nails aren't ship-shape?). And six per cent of women said their first thoughts were about not liking the ring.

Are these stats really surprising?

Men have been, historically, expected to spend three months pay -- the equivalent of $8,000 -- on a rock for their lady. (New research from home insurance company LV has found, in today's economically stretched society, most guys are only spending about $2,000.) And bling, especially when given in Hollywood, is getting bigger and bigger.

So what do you think: what price would you put on true love? And would the engagement ring be the first thing you notice if your lover proposes?

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