03/20/2012 09:01 EDT | Updated 05/20/2012 05:12 EDT

N.S. woman wants $40K air ambulance for sick dad

A Cape Breton woman is hoping the Nova Scotia government will pay for a special flight to bring her ailing father home from a hospital in Regina.

Diana Gallant's father suffered a stroke in late February while visiting Regina and he's been confined to a hospital bed since.

Gallant, of Whitney Pier, flew to Saskatchewan to be with her father in the days after his stroke.

"What we're trying to do is to bring him home, at least to Halifax, with the hospital facilities there so that family can be around and help with his recovery," Gallant said in a phone interview.

"We'd like for him to be able to see his family and his family members. Everybody's back home. There's nothing like being home, especially with a situation like this."

Regie Magliaro, Gallant's father, no longer has movement or feeling on his left side and is recovering from an operation to relieve pressure caused by his brain swelling.

Gallant said her father is not well enough to travel on a commercial flight, but she doesn't have the $40,000 needed to pay for an air ambulance.

"At first they had kind of thrown a $20,000 price tag at us and so we had a day to think about that. And we thought, 'Oh my gosh, where would we get $20,000?'

"Then when they came back and said, 'No, it's actually $40,000,' that kind of floored us."

Gallant said her father didn't buy travel insurance — which would have covered the cost of an air ambulance — because he was staying in Canada.

If the province doesn't step in, they will have to stay in Regina for another three to six months, depending on Magliaro's recovery. Gallant is not working while she cares for her father.

"He asks me everyday, 'How is the transfer?'" she said.

"I just keep telling him, 'You know Dad, we might get a transfer and if we don't, it's OK, because we can stay here and I'm not leaving.'"

Gallant said she has discussed her circumstances with the Department of Health and Wellness and is expecting a decision in the next few days.

"What they're saying is that special circumstances, there could be funding available," she said. "Right now, with everybody working on it, we are hopeful at this point. I still don't have a yes, but I do have hope for it."