03/21/2012 09:49 EDT | Updated 03/21/2012 11:19 EDT

Rick Mercer Robocalls Rant: Comedian Calls For Action From Governor General (VIDEO)

Rick Mercer has delivered another robocalls rant and this time he wants action.

The host of the "Rick Mercer Report" is calling for the Governor General to appoint a Royal Commission to investigate the widening election scandal.

Mercer says there is no hope of the cabinet calling a judicial inquiry to investigate their own party, because "That's like asking Don Cherry to donate his brain to science. It's not going to happen."

While Mercer says listening to the PM's parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro play the blame game makes him want to punch himself in the face, it's the prospect of all the people who believe voting is useless being proved right that really scares him.

So far, the only investigation into the fraudulent election robocalls is from Elections Canada. And results from that probe aren't expected any time soon.

Media attention is already slowing down, but action from the GG would undoubtedly bring the story back to the top of the national debate. Your move David Johnston.

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