03/22/2012 07:46 EDT | Updated 03/24/2012 09:02 EDT

National Spring Cleaning Week 2012 Day 4: 10 Steps For A Cleaner Office (PHOTOS)


This week marks National Spring Cleaning Week. Each day, The Huffington Post Canada Style team will give you tips on how to organize the most used spaces in your home.

Spring cleaning shouldn't have to be about tackling all your rooms in one day.

When it comes to the office space, a whole heck of a lot happens there. Work, online shopping, watching movies on a laptop, grabbing a few minutes of alone time. And, because of that, it's one room that can get messy quickly.

"Maintaining your organized home office requires your time and energy, and a daily and weekly commitment to picking up and putting things away," says Jane Veldhoven, a professional organizer based in Halifax.

For day four of our spring cleaning series, we present 10 tips to consider when organizing your office space.

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