03/22/2012 05:54 EDT | Updated 03/23/2012 10:05 EDT

National Spring Cleaning Week 2012: 10 Tips For A Clean And Organized Bathroom (PHOTOS)


This week marks National Spring Cleaning Week. Each day, The Huffington Post Canada Style team will give you tips on how to organize the most used spaces in your home.

It's the space where we sit, read, shower and, for some of us, send a few texts to our best friend. But when you consider all the soap scum, bacteria and hair (long and short), the idea of scrubbing down the bathroom seems less than appealing.

"Most Canadians hate cleaning, but they love the feeling of a clean home. I always encourage people to figure out a schedule to clean and find the right tools. If you have cheap tools you're wasting your time," says Melissa Maker, entrepreneur and cleaning expert of Clean My Space in Toronto.

For the final day of our spring cleaning series, here are 10 quick tips to clean and organize the washroom.

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