03/23/2012 09:49 EDT | Updated 03/23/2012 09:49 EDT

Celebrity Clothing Lines: Stars With Fashion In The Family (PHOTOS)

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Earlier this week, Kate Middleton wore a $220 blue Reiss dress to her first public speech, the same dress her mother had worn in 2010. Kardashian mama bear Kris Jenner, was also recently spotted with coloured pink pants -- one day after Kim was spotted wearing ones in a light blue shade. Coincidence? Maybe. But when you have stylish siblings and parents, there's no surprise a smart sartorial sense starts to rub off.

Remember when your mom forced you to wear your older sibling's winter coat? Even celebrities follow this trend. From Maddox and Shiloh sharing a "Rolling Stones" T-shirt, to Gwen Stefani's two sons, Zuma and Kingston, wearing similar grey suits, celebrity parents pass down clothing from one sibling to another.

And many a celeb families share clothing lines as well. The Kardashians, Hiltons and Marciano brothers not only have shared clothing and accessory lines, but each family members also creates individual collections as well -- it's almost like celebs keep fashion in the family, non?

10 celebrity families that have fashion in the family:

Stars With Fashion In The Family (PHOTOS)