03/23/2012 05:51 EDT | Updated 03/24/2012 10:26 EDT

NDP Leadership Convention Style: What The Candidates' Outfits Say About Them (PHOTOS)


Fashion and politics go hand in hand. What a candidate or leader wears can heavily influence how we feel about them.

Just look at these memorable fashion moments in Canadian political history. Had we known what some of our leaders (or politico famous faces) would pull from their wardrobes after being elected, do you think we'd still have voted them in to office? Perhaps not.

The fact remains: What someone wears is key to getting elected or staying in office.

So as we wrap up day one of the NDP Leadership Convention in Toronto, we thought we'd play a little game of wardrobe analysis with the seven leadership hopefuls.

Who is the most confident, polished and collected going into the final moments of voting? Or at least, who looks the part? We asked Christie Ressel, an international image consultant and founder of Personal Power Image Consulting, for her opinions on what the candidates' outfits reveal about them.

Check our her analysis below. And let us know what you think on @HuffPostCaStyle or in the comments below.

NDP Leadership Convention: What The Candidates Outfits Say About Them (PHOTOS)