03/23/2012 01:04 EDT

Rihanna Geisha Pictures: Star Tweets Photos From 'Princess Of China' Shoot (PHOTOS)


Rihanna was attempting to channel her inner 'Geisha' last night.

The star, with more than 15 million followers on Twitter, tweeted three pictures posing as a "geisha" with black eyeliner, black hair and red lips. The photos, which were taken behind the scenes of Coldplay's new music video 'Princess of China,' featured the captions "#thuglife #princessofchina" and "Gangsta goth geisha."

Really Rhi Rhi, goth geisha? Although geishas are found in Asia, they originated in Japan. And we're pretty sure there is nothing "thuglife" about them. Geisha, which means, 'person of the art,' in Japanese, is woman who is trained in music, dance and entertaining. They were also known as fashion innovators wearing sashes, kimonos and platform shoes.

But they were not the 'princesses of China' referenced in the video's name. The singer may have been confusing geisha with a Chinese courtesan, a similarly-styled woman who also usually wore sticks in her hair and a long robe. We'll have to wait and see what the video is all about to know whether Rihanna got her reference right -- maybe the whole theme of the video is culturally askew, or maybe it goes in a different direction entirely.

But Rihanna's hairstyle did catch our eyes. Her jet black locks were towered high with matching black chopsticks. She also donned a black slit dress, long gold fingernails, and black and gold dangling earrings.

And a lot of fashion designers have been using Asian-influenced designs lately, from Sunny Fong's VAWK Samurai collection during Toronto Fashion Week to these Kimono inspired wrap dresses by Kara Janx.

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